What is KEA Coin

For E-Commerce Ecosystem and Digital Marketing with
Reward system

KEA Coin is based on Ethereum platform for the improvement the market in E-Commerce Ecosystem and Digital Marketing that powering the new Ethereum blockchain through this crypto technology.

While existing solutions offer to solve just one problem at a time, our dedicated team is up to build a secure, useful, & easy-to-use product based on Ethereum blockchain. It will include easy cryptocurrency payments integration for different platform like KEA Payment extension and addon for Magneto, Shopify, Zen Cart, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, OpenCart, Symphony Commerce, BigCommerce platforms etc. It will help to do payment process through KEA Coin like normal USD payment.

At the end, Our aims to partnership with all companies, employees, and business assets to make one blockchain ecosystem, which will make business truly efficient, transparent, and reliable.


Competitive Advantage

We are proud to introduce KEA COIN, a crypto coin that will extend the limit of using crypto currency in the technology of E-Commerce Platform and Digital Marketing with high reward system.

KEA Coin Integration

Integrates KEA Coin technology to provide great service in E-Commerce Ecosystem and Digital Marketing

KEA Coin with Smart Contract

KEA Coin has started with smart contract. You can earn KEA Coin from reward system.

Global System and Secure Data

An efficient global system covering all corners, provides best data security.


Contract Details

KEA COIN released on the Ethereum Blockchain. It will be compatibility with third-party services wallets, exchanges etc, and provides easy-to-use integration.


KEA Coin

Total Supply

1,000,000,000 KEA



Contract Address:


Etherscan Explorer

Etherscan Explorer

Etherscan Explorer


Initial KEA Coin Distribution

KEA Coin distribution

KEA Coin Proceed Allocation

KEA Coin Distribution
Limited Sale

Invest on KEA COin - ICO

Limited sell of 200,000,000 KEA Coins intention to raise funds for development of platform and listing in major exchanges. ICO will end if all allocated KEA Coin sold before time.

ICO Sell price 1 KEA COIN = 0.000001 ETH with great bonus:

Price Projection: 1 KEA COIN = 0.0001 ETH

To buy KEA Coins

Minimum Ether you can send is 0.005 Ether.

Send desired ETH amount to: 0xD7777a44873D031b52105d3Df6e78a1786530104


Buy from Forkdelta or Etherdelta instantly.

How much I will get
You will get: (Normal rate + Bonus Rate + Airdrop)
If invested 1 ETH: 1,000,000 + 950,000 + 200 = 1,950,200

Confirmed Exchanges

KEA Coin Foundation has confirmed two main exchanges to list. Other exchanges may list before. It will list in August 1st week 2018

Please make sure the gas limit is correctly set, or set it manually.
Recommend to set 150000 gas limit with Gas Price: 10 Gwei
Usually, around 50000 gas is used and unused gas will be returned to you.
*** Note 3 : KEA Coin will send on Saturday each week ***

Bonus 1 (May 24 2018 - June 20 2018)- Ended
+60% Bonus for every amount sent >= 0.005 ETH
+75% Bonus for every amount sent >= 0.1 ETH
+100% Bonus for every amount sent >= 1 ETH

Bonus 2 (June 21 - July 15) - ended
+30% Bonus for every amount sent >= 0.005 ETH
+45% Bonus for every amount sent >= 0.1 ETH
+100% Bonus for every amount sent >= 1 ETH

Bonus 3 (July 16 2018 - July 30 2018) - Current
+7% Bonus for every amount sent >= 0.005 ETH
+35% Bonus for every amount sent >= 0.1 ETH
+95% Bonus for every amount sent >= 1 ETH

Here are a few examples:
If you send 0.005 ETH, you will receive 5,350 KEA Coin + 200
If you send 0.1 ETH, you will receive 135,000 KEA Coin + 200
If you send 1 ETH, you will receive 1,950,000 KEA Coin + 200

KEA Coin Airdrop - PAUSED

ALERT from development team that HUGE AUTOMATIC SCRIPT found to get 200 KEA Coin. So, we paused this self airdrop for now. Instead, We are giving 200 KEA coin airdrop for every investors.
How much you will receive: Normal Sale Coin + Bonus + 200 airdrop

Get 135,200 KEA Coin

  • Send 0.1 Ether or higher to 0xD7777a44873D031b52105d3Df6e78a1786530104
    and get 100,000 +  35,000 + 200 KEA Coin Instant
  • Recommended Gas:
    Gas Limit: 100,000
    Gas Price: 10

Get 5,550 KEA Coin

  • Send 0.005 Ether or higher to 0x390D6673c1FA9DBb8000dB1AE89252b7d531Ab75
    and get 5000 +  350 + 200 KEA Coin Instant
  • Recommended Gas:
    Gas Limit: 100,000
    Gas Price: 10
KEA Coin

Road Map

Our team working hardly to make great and exectuable roadmap which can easily achieve in mentioned date and time for KEA Coin Project with target of goal achievement.

2017 Q3
  • Concept Generation
  • KEA Coin Project
2017 Q4
  • Proving the concept can work
  • Strategic Plan and research of market
  • Research on exisitng market and solution can be provided or not
2018 Q1
  • Public financing & with great bonus and funding raised, huge number of community involved.
  • Building the Whitepaper
2018 Q2
Public Sale with huge Bonus
  • Issue of the Whitepaper
  • ICO Sell price 1 KEA COIN = 0.000001 ETH with great bonus
  • Price Projection: 1 KEA COIN = 0.0001 ETH
2018 Q3
Public Sale and Listing of KEA Coin in top Exchanges
  • Token Sale will be completed within that period to July 30, 2018
  • Already listed in many exchanges
  • Will approach many top exchanges like Tradesantoshi, coinexchanges, Yobit and many more for presenting KEA Coin in huge mass of community and give information of this project.
2018 Q4
Distribution of KEA Coin - Unsold KEA Coin to investors: 3:1 - for Limited sale only.
  • All investors who has invested 0.2 ETH or more ETH will get 3:1 KEA Coin (Investor from 25 May 2018 - 30 July 2018)
  • All transaction will be manually checked from Etherscan.Testing and utilization of plugin with integratin of BTC and ETH within this plugin but default will be KEA Coin as a payment
  • eg. If you invested 0.2 ETH within that date, you will get additional (0.2/0.000001)/3 = 66666.66667 KEA Coin
2019 Q1
Development of Wordpress Plugins and other Plugins for Ecommerce platform
  • Will start developement of KEA Coin plugin to use- 1st Phase
  • Testing and utilization of plugin with integratin of BTC and ETH within this plugin but default will be KEA Coin as a payment
2019 Q2
Beta Version Test of KEA Coin plugin, start development of payment extention for Magento, Joomla, Prestashop parallely.
  • Testing of these extention before release and will send to community to test and review of extention.
  • Open Payment extention launched to public and improvement the payment extentions.
2019 Q3
Partnership with Payment integration Platforms
  • Integration with WooCommerce, CryptoWoo, GoURL platform for easy payment through their already developed payment platform.
  • Development of KEA Coin support system (KEA Support System) for all the issues and technical problems to solve the issues arisen from the process
2019 Q4
Reward system Development and execution
  • Reward system development for buyer from ecommerce and online stores. Once developed the payment extention. Develop reward system with earning KEA Coin by doing different activies Establishing global user base
2020 Q1
  • Integration of Reward system tracking in KEA Coin payments plugins and extensions.
2020 Q2
More Operational
  • Testing os Reward system with tracking of various selling and buying activites in one platform.
Meet The Leading Team

CEO and Executive team

The KEA Coin Team combines a passion for quality product, industry expertise & proven record in finance, development, marketing & licensing towards the crypto community.

KM Dalton
CEO & Lead Blockchain

Experienced founder, 8 Years experience in Online Marketing, Ecommerce and CryptoCurrency and BlockChain - CEO and founder of KEA Coin Foundation.

KEACM Harary
Executive And Advisor

An entrepreneur, blockchain visionary and financial systems architect, with experience in finance, accounting and entrepreneurship. Great experience in cryptotechnology and process.

Christina Glockner
Marketing Advisor

6 years’ experience in Marketing, mass and Journalism. Proficiency in producing online content for emerging online technologies.

Harrison Vida
Blockchain Advisor

Process Specialist and Blockchain Advisor at many other cryptocoins, Working experience with blockchain based projects since 2008,

Daniel Allsop
Business Intelligence Advisor

Dynamic and driven senior business development professional with extensive new B2B selling experience, selling complex solutions at a senior level along with leading/growing sales teams.

Annabelle Mondalmi
Legal Advisor

Leading expert on Blockchain Applications in broad arrays of industries, initial coin offerings, and smart contracting, as well as private investment fund regulation and compliance. Corporate governance and private investment fund regulation internationally.

Tim Cole
Financial Advisor

Blockchain advocate and financial services accountant. Managing principal, financial sponsor & financial services industry practice leader.

TEAM Members

Zara Duff
Blockchain Developer / Infrastructure Specialist

Blockchain Developer having expertise in Ethereum, Bitcoin and writing smart contracts.

Ju Tsui
Business Development Manager / Product Development

Tsui is responsible for Business Development and partnership with other companies and puts effort in the product development as well.

Lucas Hooley
Project Coordinator / Front-End Developer

Multi-skilled and Agile Project Manager and team lead, with 5 years of Project Management experience in varying project areas with budgets exceeding millions of dollars in various projects.

Ryder Laver
Core Developer

Full stack developer with 8 years of experience building dynamic web applications. Stanford University, MSC computer science.

Brodie Knetes
Senior Programmer

Application developer with multiple years of experience in Android development and proficiency in C++, JS, Python. Understanding of Blockchain and Solidity. Louisiana Tech University.

Yuna Bazarova
UI/UX designer

More than 10 years engaged in graphic design and illustration. Yuna is responsible for the design of KEA applications and optimizing user experience.

Mackenzie Alison
Data Analyst, Research, Statistics, QC

Alison is responsible for Data Analyst, Research, Statistics Quality assurance and checking of products.

Shi Xiaoci
Public Relations

PR & Marketing expert, event manager, press communication

Lada Yudina
Content Development, Social Media Specialist

Highly motivated graduate in BA (Hons.) English, experienced in working as a freelance social media content producer, journalist. Expertise in writing content for press-release, manage groups and able to communicate effectively in multiple languages.

Hamish Theodor
Technical and other Support

Hamish is Support Manager and responsible for Technical and other Support.

We are Hiring.

We are Hiring.

Exchanges listed and Planned

KEA Coin will be list number of exchanges so that it will be easy to trade and reach the KEA objectiove, plan and utilization in Ecommerce and Digital market.
KEA Coin in EtherC
KEA Coin in ForkDelta
KEA Coin in EtherDelta Forum
KEA Coin in ecex exchange
KEA Coin in TokenJar exchange
KEA Coin in Altilly exchange
KEA Coin in extoke exchange
KEA Coin in BiteBTC exchange
KEA Coin in enclaves exchange

Other Exchanges are coming...

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we’ve provided some frequently asked questions about crypto coin, KEA Coin and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

What is Cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies are digital or virtual currencies that are encrypted (secured) using cryptography. Cryptography refers to the use of encryption techniques to secure and verify the transfer of transactions. Bitcoin represents the first decentralized cryptocurrency, which is powered by a public ledger that records and validates all transactions chronologically, called the Blockchain.

How can I participate in the KEA Coin Airdrop?

This self airdrop paused for now because of HUGE AUTOMATIC SCRIPT found to get 200 KEA Coin. But You can get 200 KEA Coin (airdrop amount additional) easily by sending atleast 0.005 ETH and to 0x390D6673c1FA9DBb8000dB1AE89252b7d531Ab75 or 0xD7777a44873D031b52105d3Df6e78a1786530104. You will get Normal Sale Coin + Bonus + 200 airdrop
or Get 5,350 KEA Coin by sending 0.005 Ether to 0xD7777a44873D031b52105d3Df6e78a1786530104 Limited time.

Where can I purchase KEA Coin?

KEA coin will be easily traded and buy from exchanges later. But now easiest way to get KEA coin from airdrops for limited time. Once the claimer going to reach. It will auto stop for airdrop of 200 KEA Coin.

How do I benefit from the KEA Coin?

KEA coin will be use in different platform for the improvement the market in E-Commerce Ecosystem and Digital Marketing that powering the new equity Ethereum blockchain through this crypto technlogy. You can use this coin in many ecommerce website to buy or to get services. And also trade easily in exchanges.

How to add KEA Coin In MyetherWallet?
  • Go to the https://www.myetherwallet.com/
  • Login to the Wallet
  • Scroll down and you’ll notice “Token Balances” on the right side Click “Add Custom Token”
  • Enter the following information:
  • KEA Token Address: 0x390D6673c1FA9DBb8000dB1AE89252b7d531Ab75
  • Token Symbol: KEA
  • Decimal: 8
How to add KEA Coin In Metamask Wallet?
  • Go to metamask wallet of your browser extention
  • Login to the Wallet
  • You can see Add Token on the right side Click “Add Token”
  • Enter the following information:
  • KEA Token Address: 0x390D6673c1FA9DBb8000dB1AE89252b7d531Ab75
  • Token Symbol: KEA
  • Decimal: 8

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